Hello, I'm a software and website developer with a passion for travel, photography, and family. I'm also the co-founder of Budget Your Trip, a travel website that's all about how much it costs to travel around the world. I've also done a great deal of freelance work, as well as worked for a variety of companies in the private and public sectors. is a travel website that's all about how much stuff costs around the world. Travelers can plan and track their travel expenses, find tours and activities, and get recommendations on budget accommodation.

Collective Lens was a non-profit centered on inspiring action through visual imagery and photography. Although the organization is no longer active, some of the articles on the old website are still available for browsing.

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Many of my photos from around the world can be found on my Flickr profile. All of my other social media profiles are private - so if you don't know me personally, then you can't see them.